YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa

Due date July 1, 2019. Competition for the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa is merit-based and open to young East African leaders

Emerald African Management Research Fund

Applications should address the following theme: Fostering a research culture driven by growth and sustainability in Africa. The award will offer £2,500 (approximately US$4,000 equivalent) to fund the winning research project.

Palliative Care Development in Africa

Due date September 1, 2019 The African Palliative Care Association's (APCA) mission is to ensure palliative care is widely understood, integrated into health systems at all levels, and underpinned by evidence in order to reduce pain and suffering across Africa

Mennonite Economic Development Associates

Due date October 6, 2017. The INNOVATE Call for Proposals (the Call) seeks applications from eligible organizations, companies and institutions (i) to pilot a Non-Traditional Finance (NTF) product/service focused on rapid testing and learning OR (ii) to document through a case study an ongoing or completed initiative related to NTF.


The African World Heritage Fund (AWHF) is an inter-governmental organisation that was launched in 2006. Its mission is to support the effective conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage of outstanding universal value in Africa.