Friends of Malawi Association Small grants


Presentation of the donor

Through the Charitable Trust Fund, the Association makes small grants, normally up to £1,000 to any one organisation in any one year, for a variety of projects in Malawi where we believe our contribution can make a difference. Grants are usually oriented toward social, educational and healthcare projects but we will consider any project that will improve the welfare of Malawians or further the objectives of the Association.

Summary of opportunity

Grants are generally for up to £1,000 in any one year to any one organisation and for not more than three consecutive years.  However, in exceptional circumstances support may be financially greater or extended for longer, subject to project evaluation and review.  We need to be satisfied that the project sponsoring organisation and its activities are legitimate and funds are properly accounted for.  On completion of the project we require feedback and a financial summary of expenditure together with relevant photographs of the project activity.

Our aim is to fund a complete small project. Within a larger project (the total cost of which does not exceed £10,000) we may consider funding a defined component, such as the purchase of equipment or materials.  In general, we do not fund general project expenditure as part of a larger consortium nor do we fund day-to-day running costs unless there are special circumstances and the costs are essential to the success of the project.   We do not fund individual education sponsorship, salaries, allowances and travel expenses.

Eligibility criteria

We favour projects aimed at sustainable development and those that promote a degree of self-help within the community.  We help with the relief of poverty through projects aimed at the improvement of health, education and agriculture and we hope that projects will act as pilots for wider replication.  We normally require the promoting organisation to be a registered charity in Malawi.

How to apply

Applications for support (no more than two pages, excluding any attachments) are considered by the Charities sub-Committee and should be submitted by email to

Applications for a grant are considered twice a year.

  • Round 1 opens on 1st May and closes on 15th June. All submissions received during this period are reviewed by the Grant sub-committee of the Board of Trustees for a decision by mid-July.
  • Round 2 opens on 1st November and closes on 15th December.  All submissions during this period are reviewed by the Grants sub-committee of the Board of Trustees for a decision by mid-January.