Telema Congo Foundation

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Presentation of the donor

Telema The Foundation is a private, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit that is dedicated to promoting and supporting outstanding Congolese practices, producing and resulting initiatives with demonstrated facts of efforts and actions with Congolese communities.

Telema The foundation encourages people to mobilization and organization essential to a saving impulse and contribution recipients of Telema foundation are solely responsible for the conduction of the project.

Summary of opportunity

The projects that the Foundation encourages Telema are retained in the following areas:

  • Education and training
  • Support for local initiatives for disadvantaged or vulnerable,
  • The fight against endemic diseases,
  • The promotion and artistic and cultural production,
  • Sustainable development,

All projects which the foundation helps Telema must be carried out in collaboration with Congolese recipients. Individual projects or focus on activities for which there may be unfair competition are not eligible. Projects must demonstrate:

  • Their synergy with communities and local organizations,
  • Their interest in techniques and innovative sectors, experimental approaches,
  • An original development dynamics: sustainable economy, protection and preservation of heritage and biodiversity, ecological and fair trade sectors

Eligibility criteria

  • Every project submitted to the Congo Telema foundation must be co-financed at 40% minimum to be eligible. Self-financing as well as public and private funding are taken into account to achieve this requirement. The participation of beneficiaries can also come from in-kind contributions, but then, recorded in 40% of the price charged.
  • The sustainability of projects is assessed on the technical skills of implementation and the financial and organizational capacity. The management arrangements should be transparent and in line with what is recommended by national and international law.
  • Funded projects must comply with cohesion and national and local strategies.
  • The duration of a grant from the foundation Telema Congo can not exceed 12 months (from the date of signature of the financing agreement).
  • The projects The foundation assists Telema Congo must be consistent, relevant and should have taken into account all factors identification and implementation required. The action plan must be clear and precise, timely and sufficient resources and proven results. They must present an estimated cost of rational, realistic and in line with current market prices.

How to apply

To apply for assistance, download the file to fill below:

ask to grant to the foundation-Telema-congo-1.pdf

And return the form via